Irregular coloration


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Hello Cham fam, about 1 week ago my Cham began to become spotted almost as though she was stressed. I've triple checked my daily temp readings, humidity, and moisture level. However she has also began developing yellow dots over the course of a week.
I'm not sure if her colour pallet is just developing or if she has some kind of infection

Veiled chameleon
5 months
Temp (78-80° ambient) (80-85° basking) (70-75° floor)

I usually feed her 5-7 medium to large crickets in the mornings, those are the only times I handle her (crawling into my hand for feeding)
She was on meal worms for about a week, approximately 3 weeks ago I switched her back to crickets

Enclosure: glass :( 16"-20"-30"
I am waiting for my larger screen enclosure to come later this week.

I hope I provided enough information for a guesstimation on what could be going on, this is my first time posting. Sucks it's in regards to her health.


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