Iris on a Sunday


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Do beautiful things need a reason to share? Here's Iris on a Sunday. Enjoy.

- Some experimentation shots in my backyard. These two shots are in broad daylight with flash and a black backdrop. It seems to me black background is too formal, no?

- My model started getting hot, so he asked for the sprayer.

- ...and got a nice cool shower.

- Apparently I can't do anything right, Iris, went to his quarters to relax and soak in some rays.

- In the end, he came down peacefully with the help of a ladder.

Edit: Two more I forgot to post previously

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Beautiful photography! The black is a nice background, but I prefer something a bit more naturalesque. How about just the beautiful trees in the background, or the sky?


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Nice photos as usual.;)

That last photo is great.:) If you were in it at the bottom, and looking up, that would make a hilarious caption contest.:D

Miss Lily

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Cool photos - I love the misting one and the one up the tree!! I've got a tree in my garden that I know Lily would love, but I'd never be able to reach her to get her down again!!


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Great photos!!!!! What a nice looking got some great shots of him!


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I saw the pic of Iris in the tree and almost had a panic attack. If one of mine for that far up I would be in deep trouble. Glad you were able to get him down. He surely is a good looking man.


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Thank you all. I really appreciate your comments.

Added two more photos to the thread.

BoySergeant: I also do like the natural foliage in the background, however; there enough foliage to show up in the photos as green. The green/yellow background you see in some of the photos are the grass. Hopefully, in a couple weeks, it will be a nice green background :)

Malicious: Absolutely. I should have taken the tripod out too. I may execute on that idea in the upcoming days.


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Wow! What nice photos!!!!!! I can't pick a favorite.....I love them all! You have a beautiful panther!


those are really nice pictures. i like the black backdrop. i think it looks alot better and makes a great contrast for his colors!


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I think the last two photos are awesome!
BTW I too would worry about my chameleon being so far off the ground.
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