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Not too bad. Took it today and it captured light better than some cameras. Anyone else love your iPhone 4?

Yes, I love the iPhone4. The camera takes great resolution pictures, but how do you post them here?...
I use photobucket. You can upload them directly onto your account with the app, then get the link and paste. You can do it all on your phone :)
Have you tried the face time feature? Just earlier today I was chatting with a friend in Miami and he was showing me his new barbeque and some garden chairs - that I did not like because of the ugly dark green and brown color combination - and his new car. Love the technology...
Hey, some of you will hate me for this but I despise the iphone, while I used to like it (before I worked in wireless retail) I hate it now because of itools..now everyone may not be one but u have encountered so many that it bugs me anytime.someone boasts about it lol sorry op..

I get ppl coming into the store asking me which headphones work with ipods...come on now...
I get people coming in and telling me that there 1200 dollar laptop which is overly priced is better because it is apple

The iphone makes multimedia synchronization easier and makes smart phone usage more appealing to a broader range of people..

Imho not the best or worst phone, but I just hate putting a phone on a pedastool!

/end rant

Lmao sorry op!
the camera and retina display on the iphone 4 is unmatched, but in terms of features there are other phones out there that are superior.
hey, if you like the iPhone4 you'll love the iPhone5.
it gets released sometime in June-ish
and you'll be able to record in HD :eek:
its gonna be ra-dic-a-lous
Iphone 4 can record in hd already, rumors around the wireless community is that it will have two cameras on back for 3d ability, although htc is in the works of releasing or should I say rereleasing the evo with the same two camera 3d type deal, we just have to see which phone does it better!
No official release date on the iphone 5, imo it's gonna be released during xmas or announced a bit before late summer, early fall..ppl will come in droves for the 5, why not release it when ppl have money saved or dunno what to get someone who has everything already lol
really? i didnt know it was HD already
i still got the original iPhone (first gen) so i was just going on what my friend told me (hes had every iPhone thats been released), so i thought he would know what he was talkin about, but i guess not
sorry for the false info errbody :eek:
ill try not to let it happen again :p
No need to apologize, just absorb knowledge, Im around this 4 to 5 days a week I'm forced to know it, if not I can't sell it, and if I can't sell it, I make no commission lol, thank god there is the internet and reputible websites
I use photobucket. You can upload them directly onto your account with the app, then get the link and paste. You can do it all on your phone :)

Which link do you copy to attach the file here, when I try to attach files on here using the direct URL it tells me the remote file is to large.
This thread was suppose to be about iPhone 4 camera pics. I'm not trying to compare phones, but if you want to go there HTC makes crap phones. I'd rather use my old Razor.
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