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Whilst moving around some furniture in the room I keep my cham cages in, I noticed some tiny black specks on the wall - about the size of pinhead crickets.
Upon closer inspection I realised they had an unmistakable shape: they were lizard droppings (little black pellets, with a white pellet on the end).

I could recognise it quite easily, because I've been keeping track of a few skinks in the garden that hatched in the spring. Just like chameleons, they leave their droppings in the same place every day, so it's fairly easy to monitor where they are located.

Now I think one of them has come to live inside. I wondered if he's able to get to any of my feeder insects - that might be what lured him inside. But given the size of the droppings (and the size of the actual skinks I've spotted in the garden), the crickets, mealworms, superworms and silkworms I've got in there are way too big for it to be eating. Plus, the holes in the lids and fine mesh screen are all to small for it to get through. Maybe he's living off the odd gnat or two that are attracted by the fresh fruit left out for the feeders.

Judging by his droppings, he is quite well hydrated too.

Quite a zoo I've got going now... :)
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