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hey guys just thought i'd introduce myself...

My names darren im based south east of london, i'd stayed behind the scenes for a bit to get to see what the forums like before i started to participate as i'd had bad experiences with a certain big UK forum last year so kinda pulled myself away from them.

anyways i've been keeping chameleons for over 8 years now and have experience with fischers,jacksons, panthers and veileds.

i currently own 5 panther chameleons
1.1 Diego Suarez
1.0 Ambilobe Blue Bar
2.0 Tamatave/Nosy be hybrids

unfortunately i dont have any pictures to share as recently my pc went down and i lost all my pictures of the last 4 years of my chams which was gutting to say the least.

not sure what else to say i've bred veileds numerous times bred panthers only once and my oldest chameleon to date was a 12 year old veiled called Carling. anyways i will be among you all so i hope to speak with some of you in the not too distant future.
Hi Daz,

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you have lots of experience, and it will be good to see your methods!

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