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Hi all!

Since today I am the owner of a beautiful male verrucosus named Fred. He is 8 month old WC. I bought him from a store which I visit very often. He has been there since he was 2 months old. All the time I wanted to buy one, and today was my lucky day. He is very docile and calm. He doesn't hiss or become angry when approached and isn't scared at all. He just steps on my arm :). He is now 18 inch long.



Congratulations! I love the Verrucosus, and hope to have one someday. They can differ in the extent to which the tail curls when they sleep; I've even watched a panther that seems sound asleep slowly curling and uncurling his tail...
Wow I love that blue on his throat! What a handsome devil!

Mine don't always curl their tails when sleeping. Sometimes they have it fairly straight and the tip is holding on to a branch or something.
he looks so good! healthy and strong. he looks freshly picked if you will lol. how much did he run you? the blues and yellows on these guys makes me realy want one!
Thnx everyone for your kind replies! Also for the answer on my question about his tail when he sleeps. Last night he indeed had his tail stretched out but with the tip of it holding on to a branch.

I really love this species. They are really underrated I think because they're not so colorful as say...pardalis. But I think this is not fair. Their personality and their prehistoric looks make them really cool chams. I named him Fred after Fred Flintstone hihi. I find it so cool that he has blue eyes ;-)).

In about 6 weeks we will make him a large glass enclosure, with double ventilation. The size will be 40x40x80 inch (1x1x2 meters) high.

@chameleonsinmyhouse: i bought him for about 170 dollars. How much is the price in the US for WC verrucosus? Do you know that?
Two weeks have past since I got Fred. I really love him. He has such a soft character. But only since two days he is eating again. He isn't interested in grasshoppers or crickets but he goes for the real snacks only at the moment haha. He loves fruit beetle larvae and waxworms. I keep on offering him crickets, roaches, hoppers and stuff and I hope he will start eating them again soon. He lost a fairly amount of weight these last two weeks, but to me he looks healthier. A verrucosus need to look slim in my opinion

Here are two pics of him in the shower!


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