Instagram vs the forum!!


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I posted these pics on Instagram to get some opinions. Let's see how the forum does! Boys or girls?!? :D











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The first looks male as well, but his package is sitting on a branch, so it would be easier if he weren't. But the other two are definitely male.


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Male x 3

Although it is not something to go off of completely cause some girls can color up real nice but the green on the head scream male. Usually you see pinks or nude type coloring on the face by that age. Blue or purple cheeks both male and female can have that.


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Wow! Thanks for the responses! All males, eh? Sweet! I was confident in guessing 1 male, 1 female and 1 unknown... :eek: :D
There is something I look for on a female, and it's very unscientific, but has been reliable for me. I call it the "swoosh", and it's a pattern right by the shoulder. I'm not seeing that in any of them. Add that to tail base, I say 3 males:)


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3 boys. Girls show color on the cheeks but not green on the legs. I see green on all three.


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Someone on Instagram is pretty confident that #1 is female. I was also thinking that it's a female. Y'all still stand by your pick? :)
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