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my chameleon has been having eye problems since the spring and ive been giving her some flushes with saline solution every now and then when i notice a bubble in her turret. shes been rebelling against these flushings and opens her mouth to hiss. sometimes a little bit has got into her mouth and i notice her drinking whats in her mouth when im done and sometimes a bead comes out of her nostril. is it dangerous if she ingests a little of the solution over a long period of time?
Make sure she has lots of access to regular water. Too much salt in saline can cause dehydration and other problems. Like if you were to drink ocean water. Try to keep her ingestion of saline to a minimum and give her lots of normal water to offset it.
As long as it is normal saline with no additives she will be fine so long as you hydrate a little extra, just in case.
It is normal saline, right? Some of the new junk they have has so many additives.
As stated above, it has the same effects of drinking salt water; you become dehydrated by drinking it.
yeah its thimerosal-free and chlorhexidine-free. and it says "an isotonic sterile aqueous solution containing a borate buffer system and sodium chloride. preserved with 0.1 sorbic acid and disodium edetate." not sure what any of that means but its the simplest saline solution i found at the pharmacy.
Sodium chloride is salt...which is a vital component of "saline solution"...."saline solution" being "salted solution". It's salt water with stabilizers in it. That's all.

It's fine if it's ingested. As noted, make sure the animal is getting ample non-salinated water. In small doses, salt water is okay as long as there is plenty of regular water.
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