Info on Northwest reptile Expo?


Hi all - I'm a newbie here, have experience keeping other reptiles but am new to chameleons. Right now I'm setting up, plan on getting a juvenile veiled. I'm starting off with a med Reptibreeze w/ tray (planning on making a drain so no standing water) linear UVB fluorescent, basking lamp (wattage will depend on what temps I get after set-up) and other assorted goodies. I was planning on getting a cham from Petco or Petsmart but found out there is going to be a reptile expo near me next month - I've never been to one.
Has any one been to this one? And would it be better to get my cham there? Or should I just suck it up and buy from one of the sponsors? $$$
Also when he gets bigger, I'm planning on getting a large cage from Drangonstrand.


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Don’t waist time with smaller cages. Just buy the Dragonstrand. If you want to save some money, purchase the reptibreeze xl. Once you are set up, take a few months to furnish the terrarium with live plants, branches, and a proper misting system. You will find the best prices for these things at the expo. Chameleons, even veileds and panthers are considered best for intermediate herp keepers. I personally recommend a person new to chameleons try maintaining just the enclosure for a few months. You will find issues with drainage, lighting, and temp/humidity. This time will allow you to perfect the environment, give you time to start a breeder colony for feeders, find a good veterinarian, and find a good breeder to purchase from. Petco/Petsmart or any other pet store for that matter are horrible places to buy an animal from. Use to expo as a chance to talk to a breeder and become familiar with them. Most importantly, you need to realize that there is so much for you to get ready, research, and test before you buy an animal.


Thanks. Was wondering about the logic of starting out with a smaller cage, after all in the wild they have the whole world. I am very diligent in doing my research, have been reading up for several months now. Since the expo isn't until mid Jan that will give me time to set up and tweak the cage.
Thank you! If one can not buy from a reputable breeder then a reptile expo is not a bad idea. The animals have quite a bit more stress than one directly shipped from a breeder so their odds of getting sick is quite a bit higher. But, that is nothing a experience keeper can not handle!
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