Info on keeping feeder crickets


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I recently bought about 20 small crickets from the shop, and the ones I didn't feed I put in a container with carrot slices and a wet paper towel for water. I was wondering how often I should be replacing the wet towel and carrots to avoid any infections. Also, how long does it take for these guys to grow up? Pretty sure my lil chams couldn't handle anything larger yet :p .
the carrot really wont go bad but id replace it after a few days, for the water replace that every other day or more depending on how clean it looks. I would look up on more gutloads to feed the crickets. carrots really arent going to do a whole lot of good on their own. As for the growth rate, the colder they are the slower they grow so if you want them to grow a little faster keep a heat lamp/ pad on the cricket cage but dont overheat it. they will also need more food if you do this.
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