Infertile clutch


My girl Molly is showing signs of laying any day now. I've covered her cage with a green sheet and I put a laying bin in for her. She's been sitting next to the laying bin but hasnt got in it. She's VERY tired and worn out. Earlier today she was laying on a branch with ther eyes closed. And I know its because of the eggs, shes very small and I dont think shes getting much bigger. I just want to make sure she'll make it through laying :(

I havent fed her today in fear of triggering her to lay. Should I give her some feeders with some d3 on it? It's that time to give the vitamin anyway.

What can I do?
I ordered some Rephasy RescueCal+ liquid calcium, the one with added magnesium. I bookmarked it and have saved the link for months, ever since I first got my little girl. Because I knew I was going to be needing it. It will be here within 2 days. :eek:
Can a moderator put this thread in health clinic or something? I dont know why I posted this in general :l
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