Indian Stick Insect

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Howdy All,

Keeping two of these Indian Stick Insects (body is 3-4" long) from a friend of a friend who raises them. I set up a terrarium with sticks for the Sticks along with a constant supply of fresh rose leaves and the occasional misting. They seem to be eating ok. They are noctornal so daytime handling and posing for photography is easy since they will virtually freeze their motion for minutes at a time. No photo stacking this time :). Canon 5DIII + 100L Macro at f/11 and f/16 mostly with a set of Kenko extension tubes. Canon 580EXII and 430EX flashes controlled with Yongnuo RF-603C remotes.

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Wow they are ugly beasts close up! For some reason I have never noticed their eyes. I've got about 20. Must get magnifying glass on them. Great pics.:)
Great pictures Dave! They are pretty ugly up close! If you like ugly, I have a walking stick for you to photograph!:eek:
I love these things! I think those are Vietnamese stick insects (Medauroidea extradentata) since they have horns on their heads, though. They are kept/cared for exactly the same and are also parthenogenic, so everything you are doing will do just fine. Apparently they can be found along the west coast in random areas all the way up to Washington, similarly to how indian stick insects can be found in CA. Don't release them though! :)
...Vietnamese stick insects (Medauroidea extradentata)...
Howdy Kara,

Thanks for the ID :)! It never occured to me that I was given the wrong ID :eek:. I looked at an online photo of the Vietnamese version and it appears to be a definite match.
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