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ive set up my incubator now for my veiled eggs and was wondering if anyone has had good success with a certain temp and certain humidity any help would be gratefull: :)
i persoanlly incubate my eggs at 24 to 26 d C for the first 3 months , then i turn up the heat to 26 to 28 and i find they hatch with in 6 months or around 6 and half months , the guy who gave me the temps along time ago has used them for soo long now hes hatching veild chams around 5 and half months of incubation and has raised over 98+ babies at one time, ahahah wat a headache that would be , but alot of ppl have there own temps that work perfect for them , like kinyonga and dean pulcini they have there own temps that work for them so they dont change at all , but the range for veild chameleon eggs is 70 to 84 D f , so 21 d C to about 28.5 d C , so just pick the one that better suits the eggs ,
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