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Hey guys, my little girl just laid 24 eggs and I am on here to ask any and all advice on vermiculite incubation medium. Anybody have any recipes they go by? I would like to get the moisture as exact as possible. I know they say to clump it up and it should fall back apart without water dripping out when you clump it. I found that there are many levels of wetness until it actually starts dripping out when you squeeze. I made this one a little more dry because I think I may have made my first too wet. (almost all eggs grew a white fuzzy mold the first month or two, many became black and some became red. Too much moisture?

Thanks so much guys!
I just do 50/50 mix of big chunk vermiculite and play sand. It seems more humidity stable, less mold, and gives more air circulation. i find the potting soil fine ground vermiculite to dry out too quickly.
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