Increasing ambient temps and/or humidity in mesh cage


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With it getting colder in the northeast I am struggling to keep my ambient temps between 75-80, it's been in the low 70's lately so it's not too far off. The cage is a reptibreeze XL (24"x24"x48"). The cage is not in a corner of a room so the only side facing the wall is the back.

I've read of some using one of the below, can anyone provide some feedback on what you do to increase ambient temps and/or humidity?

1. Attach plastic cardboard to 3 of the sides
2. Drape a shower curtain on 3 of the sides
3. Place mats for a dining room table

I found some plastic cardboard at Michael's craft shop, but it's 20"x30" so I would either be able to cover sides up to 20" from the top, or go down to 30" but there would be a 4" gap on the width. I also have some paper-coated foam board of the same size, and plenty of it, but I think the water would destroy it eventually.

Harbor Freight has a black tarp, but it's a mesh material that I think would work, may not be as effective for ambient temps, but it would help while possibly allowing airflow.
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I would do back panel and a side first... see what your getting then. If levels are not where you want them then do the other side panel. :)
Yeah, I think I'll do that. I also want to block off the sides somehow to give him more privacy, maybe I can use the black foam board I have after I put the clearside stuff up.
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