Incandescent bulb temp fluctuation?


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Im driving myself insane trying to adjust Charlie’s basking temp. I changed his fixture and moved things around a little. I have a 75w bulb over his basking branch and the temps are fluctuating and both confusing and frustrating me!!

Im checking with temp sensor and temp gun. Basking area fluctuating between 80-85. If I bring it closer, temps barely change or skyrocket. If it reads 85 but I put my hand 2-3” from the sensor it is HOT on the back of my hand.

What the hell is up with this?! I tried a diff bulb. Going to try a diff fixture. Getting so frustrated, and sick of the incandescents.

Do you experience temp fluctuations or do i have something crazy going on? Im afraid Im going to burn him or have temps too low and cause more respiratory issues.

His previous fixture was a zoomed dome but it creates too small a basking area.


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Could be an issue with the fixture - nonidea what to tell you otherwise! I'm guessing your ambient temperatures arent having that kind of a flux? Might be worth getting a dimming thermostat is the telp keeps swinging and it isn't the fixture...
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