In the last few days of baby brev birth


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Hi all,

I am incubating my brev eggs for about 49 days at 25C (~77F) on moist vermiculite in a plastic food box with six small holes (0.5 cm dia) on the lid.

I have done some researches on how long it take for incubation. Most of them incubate the eggs at 72-75F for 70 - 80 days. Since I am incubating them in a higher temp at 77F, I think they will get brith early than 70 days. Am I right?

Also, any expert can share with me, what is the sign or indicator showing they will come out in a few days. As I read from the net, the eggs will come grey over time. But is it an indicator of birth in a short period of time (2-3 days)? Also, how long does it take for a baby brev from 1st egg crack to out of egg shell totally?

you cant ever put a time line on eggs for hatching, they hatch when they hatch and they hatch when they wana hatch , but good luck on your eggs i hope they hatch for you
erm.....i havce captive bred Bearded Pygmies for a while now.....sign and signal? hmm...........i don't care that much nor do i keep an eye on them all the time.. I just place the eggs in the incubator and check on them once a month.... at the 3 month period....i check them every other day.... and then when one will usually trigger others to hatch too...survival of mass hatching are't brood about it....

Oh yeah.......when the eggs turn black inside....there is a higher chance that the eggs are over moistured and might die...!!! remember... u can always add water to incubating medium but can't take water out.... less is more!!
Thx. Since this it my first time to have baby brev getting brith, i can't wait for it any more.. a little bit nervous..and exciting. One more question. When is the first meal for the babies? immediately?

Also, how long does it take for a baby brev from 1st egg crack to out of egg shell totally?
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erm..........mine usually eat fruitsflies about 2-3 days when they fully comsume their eggs sag. It varies from one to another...depends on how strong they are.... some 1 hour...some 2.... depends
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