In need of more silkworms


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Hey guys,

SO mulberry farms and coastal silkworms are out of silks.

WHere are you guys getting your silks now?

I got a bunch of hungry cresties to feed.

Jess, wish I could help but I get mine from Coastal also. I have a pet store that is about 1/2 hour from myhouse and I get them from there but guess what? They get them from Coastal also! So when Coastal is out, they usually are too! I am having major die off of my silks right now. I ran out of chow and switched them to leaves. I got lucky and one of my husband's friends has a gigantic mulberry tree in his yard. I have hundreds of leaves he brought home. I put them in big zip locs in the fridge and they are staying fresh. He has a couple of acres and does not spray pesticide but it seems like ever since I started on the leaves they are slowly dying off and the last few days I lost over 50 of them. I am not sure what is going on. I am really bummed now considering that Coastal is out cause I am gonna need some pretty quick here too! Good luck and if you find some let me know!
I placed an order with Coastal (east coast) and just got tracking info that mine have shipped. I also sometimes buy from Lady Silkworm.
I placed an order with Coastal (east coast) and just got tracking info that mine have shipped. I also sometimes buy from Lady Silkworm.

According to the website, they are out of all live silkworms.

guess you got the last ones.
Sometimes Coastal Silkworms will have silks in either the West Coast or East Coast, so if one is out, the other may have some. There are 2 separate log-ins on the website.
I was going to say try Linda's gone buggie, but she also gets hers at coastal silkworms.

I breed my own so I havent bought from many places recently.
Coastal is out everywhere, east, west, north south.


normally order from them,, but they don't gots no more!

:( and now my geckos will be sad with only pangea cgd.
its a bit more expensive, but silkwormshop still has them available. They're based out of San Diego, so shipping isnt too bad for CA residents
Sorry guys, its true we do supply MANY places with our worms and if we are out it will trickle down. However we will have small silkworms ready to ship June 24th and they will be up on the site by this Friday (east coast). We do have hornworms, superworms, mealworms, and roaches though available now along with all the dry goods. If you want to make a pre-order just call me! The stock will be limited the first few weeks as we send stock out to all our resellers and regular customers.

Note on the mulberry leaves, silkworms are sensitive to any kind of chemicals and often the mulberry trees have extensive root systems. They're known to suck up various things including systemic pesticides from the water shed. This is the main reason we do not guarantee our worms if you're feeding them leaves from a tree. We always caution customers to test the leaves by feeding only a few worms in a separate box for 24-48 hours before feeding leaves to all the worms. If the worms are still alive you should be good, if any are dead or look bad do not feed the leaves! This needs to be done for each tree, each year!
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