In Memoriam for Karma


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Karma our 13 month old veiled Cham, lost her appetite so we took her to our exotic animal vet. Until then it was difficult to know whether Karma was male or female because she was so shy. We found out she was female and extremely gravid with follicles and showing signs of calcium deficiencies. The vet suggested trying calcium supplements to see if she would lay her eggs. After a couple days I found her on the bottom of her cage and thought she was looking for a nesting spot. The next day she was still there and could barely walk on her front left leg. Rushed her to the vet and they suggested spaying in addition to supplements. Surgery went fine and she was released 2 days later and we were hopeful. Unfortunately, she passed a couple days later. We enjoyed 13 months with Karma and will miss her greatly! Thanks.


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