In Maryland, Due to health issues need to find loving homes for some of my Chams :(

Please no negativity, the health issues are mine not the chams & this has been a very hard decision. If I can find the right homes, I have at least two chameleons I need to place. Our 1 yr old Male Translucent Veiled & 1 yr old Female Panther Ambanja/ Ambilobe Locale Cross. Both in good health, eat well & willing to give some supplies - cage, live plants, thermometer/hydrometer, possibly light fixture... Serious inquiries, would rather not ship, will supply photos if interested. Also, considering placing our 1yr old Male Panther Ambanja/Ambilobe Locale Cross & 1 yr old Female Nosy Faly. Also in good health & great eaters. Neither females have laid any infertile eggs yet. Willing to transport depending on the distance, not looking to make profit but if interested in the male Panther or female Nosy Faly I would like to get a lil bit to offset our losses but their care is more important. Thank you
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