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I am in Hawaii and I want another chameleon...does anyone know of anyone here that ships/breeds chameleons?:)
I thought you could just go catch a jackson. All the other are illegal in Hawaii. I have heard about veiled over there buy have no idea what their status is.
If im not mistaken, veileds are found on Maui and I dont think there even finding them anymore. Also if you were to find a veiled, I dont think you would be allowed to keep it like a jackson.
When I lived in Hawaii in Honolulu I was always told to go to the Pali lookout to search for Jacksons. I ended up buying mine from someone who advertised in the newspaper that they had them available. As far as I know Jacksons are the only available chameleon you can have there. I hope this helped some and good luck on the search for one.
"they can be found on the Koolau range, Oahu"... - Chameleons.htm

"During the late 1980's and early 1990's it was illegal to keep Jackson's chameleons in Hawaii, but in 1994 that ruling was rescinded; it remains illegal to transport them between islands in Hawaii but not to ship them to the mainland"...

"They are invasive and illegal in Hawaii. It is against the law to import, breed, keep as pets, sell, release, or export veiled chameleons. Penalties can include a fine of up to $200,000 and a possible prison sentence."...
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