Improvement since the Vet visit


Since I took Peridot into the vet for MBD, he prescribed calcium injections. Which were going well for the first few days, she was eating when I put food close to her, having healthy poops, then I lost the hang of it and stressed her out even more. After a second visit he said it was alright to lay off of them unless she gets worse.
I'm grateful I found this sight because now I have a t5ho light fixture with a basking lamp, gutloaded roaches, a ton of live and fake foliage, proper climbing methods, an easy access drip corner, etc.
So thanks everyone!
P.s. I even made my own climbing vine out of paracord, repti soil, and hot glue.


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Happy to hear she is improving. Keep learning there is a ton of info for these guys. I learn something new practically daily lol.
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