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How do you know he's impacted? How long has it been since he pooped? How old is he? Horn worms general make them go and grapes do also. Very long mistings make mine go. If that doesn't work try a drop of mineral oil or better yet get your vet to give you some Lactulose
He just pooped yesterday after about a week and a half of not going and he wont eat on his own, some how he keeps getting impacted and I don't have a clue how I have no substrate in the bottom but I did have paper towels in the bottom. I force feed him bugs such as crickets and wax worms although one time he did eat 2 meal worms on his own. The vets told us to give him insects. But I also have critical care which is a liquid food, and some other medicine called, metoclopramide, which I was assuming is to help him go or to keep the bacteria down in his insides since he was impacted. Also sometimes he opens his mouth, the vets said to let out gas. :confused: Please help?!
Please answer the questions in the how to ask for help thread at the top of the health forum so we can get a better idea of what's going on.
How oftendoes he open his mouth? When is it happening??? After he eats? Drinks? When he sits under the basking light? What species is he??
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Please fill in the form. When on meds Popeye didn't go for 3 weeks and what he did weighed 10 g.:D We had 3 lots of three week whoppers. I gave him lactulose twice and now he is going on his own. Increased hydration will help. Also time in natural sunlight.
He doesn't seem to sit under the basking light much. He usually seems to open his mouth when I feed him or water him. I have two heat lamps on of course his UVB bulb, and its about 82 degrees in the middle of the cage. We have lactulose for my cat, how much should I give him?
If you fill in the form above we will be able to help more. To me it doesnt sound like impaction. I think that as the basking temperature is quite low (may not be depending on age) it is taking the chameleon longer to digest which in turns means less poo.
My chameleon is around 7 months old and i've had him since November. He is a Blue Bar Ambilobe Panther chameleon. I hold him for about an hour while feeding him. I'm feeding him pear baby food mixed with pedialyte and critical care, and sometimes I give him wax worms and crickets, I sometimes give him a cricket or waxworm with his critical care or pear baby food. One time about a week ago he ate two meal worms. I give him about half to a full syringe of food. I feed him in the evening. I give him calcium syrup because he wasn't getting enough from the bugs. I mist him about 3-4 times a day, but the humidity was low at about 40 so I started misting him every hour, now its up to about 50. I also have a dripper for him. I usually don't see him drink but I did one time. Sometimes he drinks out of the water bottle. He has been tested for parasites recently, he had none. His droppings seem kind of light brown in some places, and he might of had some red things with his last go. He goes about every week and a half to 2 weeks. His cage is all mesh 38 gallon, 16.5x16.5x30. I use two heat lamps one bulb is just a 60watt housebulb the other is Exo Terra Sun Glo 60 watt. He has a repti glo UV 5.0 bulb 15 watts. His schedule is, 7-10. In the middle of the cage it is about 84 degrees Farenheight. I use a high range thermometer. I have a humidity gauge. I have a live ficus tree and a fake vine, and a monkey ladder. His cage is 3ft off the ground on my cabinet. His left eye wont open now and its been bothering him for about 3 weeks. A few weeks ago the same eye was watering so we took him to the vet and he couldn't find anything wrong with it. The vet said to try to increase the humidity incase his eye was dry. He seems to open his mouth when I take him out to feed him. I can hear gas as well.
About 6inches from the 2 heat lamps its 100 degrees farenheight. Is that too warm?:confused:

100 is much to hot. The ambient temperature should be about 85 with a warm spot at about 94 in my opinion.

Your care seems up to par. I would recommend trying to lubricate the eye. Possible rinse with saline solution also.

Also have you tried regular feeders?
Yes, he doesn't eat them, but a few weeks ago he ate two meal worms by himself, I force feed him insects sometimes. And ive lubricated his eye with water. What should I feed him? And he doesn't seem to bask. I don't understand how he keeps getting impacted.
I'm sorry you haven't the answer to your little ones problem. I've read over your thread and haven't the answer but here are my observations. What colour are the urates? Misting every hour could be too much and cause respiratory infection. Your viv needs to completely dry out between mistings. What are you measuring humidity with? Metoclopramide is given mainly for nausea. It does have an action on the bowel but not sure what. Calcium syrup, does it have d3 in it and is that the only supplement you are giving? Is your vet knowledgeable of reptiles? Sorry to ask so many questions but I feel they are important to be able to help you. Waxworms are a poor feeder. I don't know your location but you could perhaps get silkworms, butter worms ,locusts, roaches. Do you gutload your feeders?:)
I cant really remember what color they were, but I remember there were these two red things. I am only giving him calcium syrup, Calcium Glubionate Syrup. I gutload my crickets with flukers orange slices. I ordered him silk worms and hornworms a while back, and he only ate one hornworm. That was before we took him to the vet. I don't know where to get locusts. My vet sees reptiles other than that I don't have a clue if he knows what hes doing, but I think there are assistances up there with him that do have knowledge of reptiles. Should I make a new thread with all the information to see if I can get anyone elses help? Thanks :(
Urates are the urine part of their poop the poop part is brown and the urates are white. If they are yellow or orange it could mean he is dehydrated. If he hasn't pooped for some time it will probably be orange as it goes that way the longer they are in the body. The red things are probably his hemipenis. They have two and as long as they go back in again then that's normal. As well as plain calcium without d3 daily he should also be getting calcium with d3 every two weeks and a multivitamin twice a month. Please check to see if critical care contains d3 and multivitamins. Fluckers products are not very good you would do better by adding fresh fruit and veg to give moisture. Things like orange slices, butternut squash, courgette Sandrachameleon has some excellent blogs on here. I wouldn't start a new thread unless there is a new problem as it gets confusing. You could pm a vet on here. There is ferretinmyshoes and Dr O.:)
I would be interested in knowing if a chameleon can release gas out of his mouth. Never heard of that one. Gas usually comes out the other end! Also, you say you can hear the gas? You mean when he opens his mouth? What kind of sounds are you hearing???There could be something else going on here. Hoping one of our vets can answer some questions here and educate us all. Regardless, sound like you are having a rough time with your chameleon and I feel bad for you both and hope things turn around soon.
I haven't given him Herptivite MultiVitamins for a while. And his other eye is closed now. I read on an older thread that it could be an vitamin A deficiency. Could that be the problem?
I haven't given him Herptivite MultiVitamins for a while. And his other eye is closed now. I read on an older thread that it could be an vitamin A deficiency. Could that be the problem?

It could be but you have other issues going on it seems.. When they are ill they will close their eyes. You said you heard noises coming from him? What do they sound like?.
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