I'm so excited today guys!


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So, got the tracking number for my new guy and girl! They will be here tomorrow morning, and I couldn't be happier. They are both BB Ambilobe. The female is almost 8 months, and my little guy is 3 months.

I just got back from home depot, getting some odds and ends for them, re-potted their plants, and built a utility table so I have room for all 4 cages, while saving a little space (they really do take over your house :D)

They will be here bright and early, and when I give them a once over, I will take a few quick pictures.

Thanks for sharing in my excitement!
It really is like xmas eve! I can't wait till they get here. I've been trcking them, and they are in Charlotte atm, so it shouldn't be too much longer! :D:D
Im excited too for today. I just left fedex with my new gecko:D... Every shipping night feels like christmas eve with an anxiety attack attached. Hope everything goes smoothly like mine did.
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