Im Scared!!


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Recently hoidini has not been eating (That i know of)He also closes his eyes alot and looks tired Hes in a new cage a reptarium 38 50 watt basking bulb
plenty of plants He is very small 4" maby i keep the cage in front of a window in my room i have a cat but close my door so she doesnt bother him i aslo have a Uv 8.0 flouresnt bulb I havnt been dusting the crickets because he has a lot of white crust around his nose(I heard this is because too much minerals and stuff) I feed him crickets in a bowl He wont hand feed Or feed with tongs HELP!:eek:
He also closes his eyes alot and looks tired
Do you mean he is sleeping during the day? Has your cham been drinking? Does he look dehydrated? When was the last time he ate? In order to help you more, further details of your new cage is needed. [THREAD=66]Take a look at this link[/THREAD] for some details to include. If your chameleon is sleeping during the day, you should be worried. Quick action is needed.

i keep the cage in front of a window
I would move the cage away from the window until you have your setup exactly how you want it. The sunlight from the window could add additional heat. Your cham could also see his reflection in the glass :eek:
He is in the reptarium now (i wouldnt put glass in front of a window)
I fed him a mealworm. I dont think he actually sleeps, I think he is just stressed. im going to get some electrodize to put in him misting water

No signs of dehidration

Great News! I saw him drinking water he is bright green in color!
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