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Hi everyone! :cool: I've been recently looking into purchasing a chameleon, so I decided I'd join a forum. :D You guys seem, really friendly and helpful and am excited to learn more from everyone and make some friends! :)
Welcome :D :D :D
glad you joined :) do you know what kind you are going to get? its so exciting to get your first cham :D there is a care sheet for just about everything you need - its good to see research being done BEFORE you get your little one , (and then the next...and next.... - it just seems to happen :p ;) )
Yea, I'm tied between the Panther and the Veiled. :confused: I'm leaning toward Veiled Chams more because if I screw up or make an error (pray to god it won't happen), it won't be as heavy of a financial loss. (50 as opposed to 250). Also they are strikingly beautiful and have been one of my dreams to maintain. ;) However Panthers have a better disposition and smaller sizes...gotta weigh out pros and cons :cool: Anyway, I will have it by next June (at the latest), or April (at the very earliest). :eek: I have lots of research, preparations and breeding colonies to establish (feeders) before I get the cham! I'm very excited, but a little nervous! :)
Hello and welcome to the forum. I am new as well but I can tell you there is a great bunch here. Heck I have seen some even giving each other free critters. I haven't been that lucky. However I have found a great deal of information I wouldn't otherwise know. Most of All consolation and understanding in times of need. Yes I have ruffled a few feathers and some have given me their Socrates version of things. But that is the beauty of things and that is the human factor. One thing you m know for sure is that the great majority wil give you the best well intended opinion. I know I would. Look forward to learn about your growth in this wonderful addiction
Yeah I'm liking this forum already! It's amazing how friendly everyone is :) Can anyone recommend some good panther breeders? Veiled? Is LLLreptile a good place to order animals from? I found this amazing veiled kit on their website (only need to be a couple more things), but I'm not sure about the quality of the animals that are shipped and sold. :eek:
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