im devastated-abused chameleon

so theirs this girl I went to middle school with and she purchased a female veiled cham a week or two ago, she posted on her story today that it wasn't doing well and you could see the cage in the background. its just a chameleon kit.. no dripper, no laying bin the wrong lighting and literally nothing other than the stuff that comes in the kit.. Me and my friend who have experience with chameleons tried to tell her what to do to make it better and she just yelled at us im so mad i can't stand an animal being treated like that..
ive done everything i can i don't know what to do. she is just ignoring me now :/


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Unfortunately you may not be able to do anything. :( However, if you want to try again to talk to her one on sweet and gentle, acknowledge that you know how much she loves her new chameleon and how heartbroken she’d be if it got sick. Maybe invite her over to see yours. When we start throwing nothing but negativity at people, they tend to shut us off. There are ways to make the chameleon kit work for a short amount of time. I don’t know if this will help any, but maybe print it out and give to her, even if she won’t talk to you.


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thank you so much, another reason im mad is because she posts videos of her blowing smoke like an inch away from its face, ive tried taking the nicest approach possible but now im just upset 🤷🏻‍♂️
I'm so sorry u have to go thru that, it's hard witnessing something like that and not being able to do anything but watch the poor thing die
also im not saying she doesn't love it she just didn't know how to care for her, she tried to buy one of my baby jacksons so i told her to do research and she left me on read lol i just wish she did research before getting the veiled she got at the pet store :/


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So it is this kind of thing that first made me give up buying a pet shop. There are a surprising number of people that have a very sad selfish view of animals. They are little more than things, like fancy plants. They are unconcerned with the true welfare and are more concerned with value.
Remember any body here is not one of them.
It is hard and I, unfortunately have become hardened and no longer offer help unless asked. Not that that it is a good thing. I admire those who try to help animals in need.

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a reptile store near the town I live in gave bad advice to somebody that bought a cham from a good friend that killed it.........I'm not very happy with any pet store really....
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