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My Nosy Be egg from Matt hatched yesterday.

The baby is so tiny and just precious.








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Oh my gosh Jann it is absolutely adorable. Congrats on your new baby!

Thank you Becca!

Jann what kind of camera and lense are you using? Your close ups are always so sharp!

Thank you Brody for you kind words about my photos. We use a Nikon D 90.

Congrats Jann! Happy Hatch Day little one!!!

Thank you Michael!

I just love them! Picture #4 is my favorite!

Thank you for you nice comments!
I think you may have lucked out! I bet it is a boy!

I’m keeping this baby regardless of the sex but a boy would be very nice!

Beautiful little guy or girl!!! Congrats!!!

Thank you Clayton!

It's so adorable - any names picked out yet?

Thank you Michelle! I think I’ll wait and name the baby after we are sure about the sex.

beautiful little one, no matter what it sure is cute!! congrats Jann!

Thank you for all the compliments!

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What a cutie-pa-tootie! He is precious and yes, I love that pic number 4. You have a great camera BTW. Congrats.!
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