Iguanarium (extra large)


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If this has already been addressed elsewhere I apologise for posting a repeat question (couldn't find a matching post at least ;)).

I have an opportunity to purchase an Iguanarium XL for super cheap. Does anyone have any experience with using this unit vrs the standard mesh. I'm really trying to invest my money wisely so I have more money to put back into care and upkeep.

Thank you for reading this far! I look forward to seeing what you have to say. :)



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What are the dimensions? They tend to be nice and large which is great for room to climb and for larger plants, but the bar structure will need some sort of modification to keep residents confined safely. I don't know the bar spacing offhand, but your cham could get its head stuck through and injure itself. Loose feeders will escape. The fix for that would be to attach finer mesh panels over the bars. Price out what that will cost and see if the added expense makes financial sense. Also don't know how far off the ground the cage interior is, but a cham may not make as much use of the lower areas of that cage.
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