IF DUBIA COLONY IS HUMID ENOUGH is it necessary to always have fruit/veggies for hydration?


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There is condensation dripping down sides at least part of the day. No matter what kind of fresh fruit/veggies I put in there I get mold within about 24 hours.

I try to get cucumber, mango, carrots, etc. in there and my gut load is absurdly good, but I don't always have the time to remove food from yesterday.

I'm worried that the roaches will eat moldy food and get my panther sick. They seems to avoid it. I use a disposable soup cup lid to put fresh stuff on and I don't just want to grab it and throw it out for fear that any small roaches that might be hiding could escape. Even though I live in NJ, they could survive the summer at least and if I had an infestation it'd be a catastrophe for my marriage for starters.

I don't like that fake moisture crystal stuff, it seems like feeding them chemicals.

What's the solution, if any?


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Get more ventilation so the moisture can escape. I keep a cup of water crystals at all times and have a mixture of apples/oranges/carrots/dubia chow at all times and I have no condensation or mold issues. I'm also in NJ. Tub kept at 90F.
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If you can’t get enough, install this on a timer. Have it kick on for 5 min every few hours...



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They won't eat moldy food unless absolutely starving to death. Even then, moldy fruit or veggies aren't likely to be cause for concern in small amounts. I've had mold pop up more times than can count and never had an issue. I of course remove it, but isn't a reason for panic.


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Had a family emergency this week and wasnt able to get to my bugs, I had quite a but of mold pop up on some mango I had in there so I'm glad that I dont need to panic :notworthy:
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