I use Repashy Calcium Plus LoD should I also use Reptivite or no?


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So I was wondering if I am using Repashy Calcium Plus LoD about 3 times a week should I also still do the Reptivite with D3 once a month or not at all?


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I'm raising Carpet chameleons, F. lateralis, and that's all I use. I use the Repashy at every feeding with crickets and roaches. I also feed BSFL every second or third day that do not get dusted. My female laid seventeen eggs on Memorial Day.


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I have a Jacksons and they don't have the same supplemental needs as other chameleons and I was instructed to use it only 3 times a week.


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I was talking to @JacksJill awhile ago about this topic. Here is a direct quote from our messages.

"There are 2 ways to do it. You can use phosphorus free calcium twice weekly, Calcium with d3 once a month and a multi vitamin once a month. I just use plain calcium twice a week and Repashy LoD once a week in my juveniles and females and every other week in my adult males. What ever system you use dust very lightly do not ghost your feeders."

I hope this helps!


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I don't use Reptivite at all. For Jackson's only lightly dust half the feeders. Panthers and veiled dust them all lightly, don't ghost them.
Repashy lod has calcium, D3, and vitamins including vitamin A in both beta carotene and retinol forms.


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You know Jill needs to train us some Jackson knowledge so we don’t have to tag her all the time lol. Welcome back where you been
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