I think I have it set up.

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  1. Cordawayconstruction

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    How's this guys.

    Yellow up top is automatic misting controller. Red is basking spot temp. Purple is ambient temperature and hygrometer. Mid yellow circle is custom made misting reservoir. Green circle is cool mist fogger. Lower yellow is misting system pump and zip drip valve.

    Live plants:
    Zebra plant

    I rotate a calathea with the zebra plant as the calathea can only handle the super high humidity for so long.

    Basking spot is dead on 86.
    Put a undertank heater on the bottom that put my temp in the money zone of 76. I have humidity holding at 75 but it hits 100 when it mists.
    Misting schedule:
    7am for 30 seconds
    8am for 45 seconds
    9am for 20 seconds
    10am for 20
    11am for 20
    12am for 45

    2pm for 30
    4pm for 45
    6pm for 20
    7pm for 17

    Lights on at 645 lights out at 730.

    We free range gutnloaded crickets and hand feed superworms with the occasional meal and wax work. Horn worms enroute from Josh's frogs and gonna try Dubai's.

    Any pointers? This is my first chameleon and just want to make sure I'm dialed in.

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  2. DarinD

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    Which species are you keeping? I’d dial back the frequency of your mistings, but increase the durations. I mist for 3 minutes per session at minimum. Gives my animals a chance to clean up and also gives enough time to stimulate drinking. What are your ambient temps? I don’t use under tank heaters (UTH) for my chams. How do you handle drainage with a UTH?
  3. Syreptyon

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    I second the comment above on the misting schedule changes! Typically chameleons need at least 2 minutes of misting/dripping water to stimulate them to drink. They especially like to drink in the mornings, so I always make sure to start the day with a long session
  4. Graves923

    Graves923 Avid Member

    I agree with the two others. Longer, less frequent mistings. Other than that, your set up looks great.

    What species are you looking to or currently house?
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  5. NickTide

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    most chams don't need the UTH. in fact they do better with a cooler ambient temp... especially at night. What are you keeping?
  6. Cordawayconstruction

    Cordawayconstruction Established Member

    I have a yellow crested Jackson's. My ambient temperature areid 75s through most of the cage with a drop to the low 70s at the bottom. His basking spot is 86.
    The uth doesn't cover the whole bottom. I'm using a reptibreeze all screen cage so have the uth stuck to the bottom of that plastic panel .im gonna take it off and stick it inside under the carpet tho cause the thing isn't doing as much as I was hoping. I routed out a space in an old end table so there's aa ledg and I made fall to one of the corners. When everything drips down it falls to the bottom, the plants drink, the excess goes to that corner and falls in a waiting drainage pan I have for it.
  7. Cordawayconstruction

    Cordawayconstruction Established Member

    I turn off the uth at night and the temp drops too low 60s. The house therm Is set to 63 and he's in the living room.
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  8. Cordawayconstruction

    Cordawayconstruction Established Member

    The misting system always seems to startle him at first, albeit is a new system and has only been in his enclosure for 4 days now.his lights go on at 7, how long should I wait before the first misting session kicks in?
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  9. Cordawayconstruction

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    The changes I've made on the misting schedule are as follows:

    7am: 3 minutes
    9am: 30 seconds ( for humidity)
    12pm: 3 minutes
    3pm: 3 minutes
    6pm: 3 minutes
    2am: 30 seconds (humidity boost)

    Thank you guys for yhebadviet, keep it coming! How is this schedule looking? He is a Jackson's chameleon, about 6 months old.
  10. Syreptyon

    Syreptyon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Looks like an improvement to me! I have my first misting set to begin 15 minutes after lights on, by which time my cham has reliably climbed over to his basking light. It used to startle him when I first got my MistKing, but he seems to have gotten used to it. It also may interest you to know the the Chameleon Breeder Podcast just release an episode all about jackson's (I believe it's your species, too) and they discuss the importance of humidity and accessible water early in the morning :) If nothing else, it's a really interesting listen
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  11. DarinD

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    Ditch the carpet and the UTH. 63 is fine for nighttime temps. My reptile room gets into the 50s every once in a while. The carpet will just harbor bacteria and complicate drainage.
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  12. Cordawayconstruction

    Cordawayconstruction Established Member

    He seems to really enjoy the long misting sessions! Thanks for that tip

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