I saw her drink!


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I've noticed without any substrate in her cage..it stays more humid (I thought it would help the humidity level, but it actually made it harder to keep it up)..and its alot easier to keep clean..makes the poo easier to spot and take out.

and since I dont have a dripper thing yet I set a plastic bowl on top of the cage and poked a tiny hole in it with a needle..and she seems to be very intrigued by the dripping water..she sits and watches it and turns her head its cute. She went up for a drink too..first time Ive actually seen her drink.
I can't wait until my little one is old enough for a dripper and all that jazz. He's still too small for the screen cage I'm planning to build for him a 36x24x24. He's only a month and a half now with feeders that would escape in a screen cage. He's in a tank for now.

What kind of substrate did you take out? I just put a bunch of towels at the bottom of the tank. At what age is recommended to put a dripper in for a chameleon because I know when they are babies they can drown in the water.
We had that bed-a-beast stuff in there, I think is what it was. It stank real bad when I took it all out so I know I had some sorta bacteria party goin on down there. Im glad its out. (Mine is in a tank too, I've got 'er in a 55 gallon one for now)

To be honest, I have no idea what age you should get a dripper! Im kinda new at the chameleon scene. sorry!
Loved your story, Miranda. :D Love the females... they are so sweet.
Creampuff... what length is your month and a half?
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