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some one sold me a baby chameleon they said they were 80% sure it was an ankaramy.... and its to little and showing no color...i was wondering if their are some people on this forum who could tell if i got a mut or a pure breed????? if i posted few pix of the little guy???????
Ha.. hope you paid mutt prices for it. There is no way to tell until your chameleon grows to adulthood.. if it is a male. If it is a female, there is simply no way to tell by appearance even after it grows up. You have to breed out the female and see what the male offspring turn out like.

WOW if it really is an ankaramy then you got yourself the only deal, point me to this breeder lol . Been wanting one for a while but they're priced out of my budget. If it is an ankaramy, your a lucky bastard lol. Good luck.
Hey Nosywhat:

I see you are a newbie with 3 posts, so I really need to apologize...

The joke was directed at your breeder and certainly not you. Please keep posting and you will soon see the humour in such matters.

If your little guy is an ankaramy, watch for a pinkish colouration. This can begin to show at as few as 3 months or as many as 7 - 8 months.

Good Luck
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