I need Small advice Jackson chameleons

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Ok so I got my Jackson about 3 weeks ago he has the biggest reptibreeze avalbe he has 3 safe non toxic plants that he never climbs on I have a ton of vines I got like 4 packs and they go all threw out the cage . I also made a drainage system to collect the water from the little dripper and I have a ultrasonic humidifier that's in his cage and it stays on all day untill night I have plastic on 3 walls to hold in some humidity. I use a cricket cup for his crickets but I'm still wondering how can I make the cage better . Also I want to know some natural behaviors and things like that should I get nervous when he is wet? Should he be all over the cage should he spend some time in the sun almost laying on one side to sun his one half of his body? I have so Jenny questions please someone with a Jacsons's talk to me!


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your cage sounds nice :) the only thing I would worry about is to cool of temps, and humid/ combo- if he is "laying on his side" in the sun, I was told this is called "baking" ,and they are cold - they are trying to get as much heat on them as they can - the real sun is great for them - just dont let him got to hot- make sure he always has a cool shaded spot he can get to , also make sure you have no standing water, even under your pots - bacteria is no friend - lol the humidifier running ALL day sounds a bit much to me- maybe someone else can help w/ advise :)
Thanks! Jdog I gotta check it out . Alls I know is I feel blessed to have what I have cuz it works amazing
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