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I got a bunch of money for Christmas and I decided to redecorate Quinn’s cage. I need help deciding if I want to buy a mister or not. Quinn is older then a year and I don’t want to buy one and then have him pass right after I get one. My dad said i could possibly get a new chameleon but he doesn’t know yet. Should I get one? Thanks


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5-7 years 😱 everything I’ve seen says 1 year I’m shocked
For Veiled and Panther chameleons, yep! Other species are more short lived.

We do see many chameleons die early on because people don't give them proper care - many don't give them the right UVB lights, or don't know they have a girl that needs a lay bin, or that they need to give supplements.

Either way a mister is a great investment!

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I saw it on a care guide for them and the breeder who I got him from said most chameleons only live for a year
I was hoping you could be a little more specific. It behooves us all to be aware of sources of bad information.

I'm also very surprised to hear something like that from a reputable breeder, unless it was qualified.
Between lifespans in the wild, and deaths in the (legal and illegal) WC pet trade, it may be an accurate statistic, but has little/nothing to do with CB chameleons kept with proper husbandry.
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