I need help PLEASE!!!!


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My cham was pretty fat the last few weeks/months and yesterday she laid eggs(Infertile) and today she wont eat at all she stays on the for walking around with her eyes sunken in she wont even walk away from the water when i spray her she wont even BASK!!! I really need help shes only 10-11 months old:( :( :(

i would take her to the vet and get the liquid calcium. also hand feed her for a couple of days until u see her eating on her own
No shes not drinking shes not doing anything I just brought her up to her basking spot and shes still there I just noticed her eyes are sunken in so I think she cant see:( :( :( I cant beleive all this could happen over night shes also about to shed:( :( :( To many things is happening at once:( :( :(
Well you need to see a vet for sure but you can try and force feed her some water with an eye dropper tonight, but for sure take her in the morning.
Sorry, I couldn't post more last night - my daughter was trying to "type" as well (she's 18 months).

A common problem I've seen with female veileds is a blockage of the oviduct. This causes them to lay only part of the clutch. the way she's acting is very similar to the way females with this condition often act.

How many clutches has she laid before this, and how many eggs? When older females, who've laid huge clutches of eggs, are dying, it's very often right after laying a clutch - it's a stressful event, and it can push them over the edge. That she's so young, I don't think she's "burnt out".

Generally, it's not uncommon to see sick or old females die soon after laying eggs. Hopefully, she's just a little dehydrated.
Put her in the shower. If they are real dehydrated they are not always capable of extenting their tongue. The shower will do a better job of hydrating her then you probaly could with mistings. If the problem presist I would take her in. Even if she doesn't drink while she is in the shower her skin will absorb it and she will inhale a lot of it, it is kind of like force hydrating. Make sure she can get in and out of the water though.
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