I rescued a veiled from a neglectful situation and am working on improving his MBD with UVB light and calcium w/D3, we are doing great and hes gaining weight and his growth stunt has gone away and he is growing again!!!

Except... I put the little guy on a lilac bush which is about 9ft tall and while I wasnt looking directly at him for about 15-20 seconds he ran off somewhere on the tree and Ive looked for 2 hours now with no luck. I need to go to work but I will look for him over the weekend. I was about to grab him but I was clearing some dead sticks out of my way and when I looked up like 20 seconds later he was gone. I looked everywhere... sneaky guy

We have a vet appointment scheduled this monday so I really need him

His name is Jericho and ive been making incredible progress and I joined this group yesterday but I need advice. Ive had jericho for about 2 weeks now


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You need to try to find him now... Depending on where you live you do not want him exposed to the elements. Get a stool and get up into the tree. He is more then likely laying on the top side of a branch so you are not able to see him. He is at risk of being somethings dinner if you leave him out there.
Here is a pic of the lil guy in case anybody wants to see. Is there anything besides watching for him on top of the branches, that I should know about? I will take any advice at this point.
Yeah, find a ladder and check the tops, and also go around the entire thing and check all sides, of the same branches. He could be swiveling away from you on a branch. They like to play hide and seek when you dont know you're playing
Yeah hes always playing hide and seek on the plants inside, moving his body away from me. Its cute but makes things harder than they have to be


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Maybe it's just my cynical mind but if one of my chams was lost in a tree would I

A; Be doing everything I could to find it?

B; Go online and tell people I've lost it and post some pics?

I might post the story afterwards but I'd be way too busy searching to reach for my phone and start posting.
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