I have babies hatching!!!!!


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They were laid October 25th 2012. I looked today and found this!



They are panther babies :) I have a question for you guys though. One egg is shriveled and slit open, but I haven't seen anything happen. How long can it stay like that before there is a problem? You can see it near the middle of the pics. I know "helping" the egg is a last resort, but when does it become necessary? I can't seem to find any info on that.
Congrats! It's better not to do anything, babies may sit in the egg for hours or days before they finally come out on their own. By helping you may accidentally rip their yolk, accidentally injure them, etc., and do much more harm than good.

Especially because eggs have the most uncanny ability to tell when you're watching them. It's like boiling water. They will not come out so long as you are in the same room lol. So just relax and just keep checking on them, to move hatched babies over to their cages.
Congratulations They look so awesome when their small, I have a Nosy Be that is Gravid hope to be there soon.
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