i have a frightened veiled


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I just got my first veiled, I have had a few chameleons in the past and now I have a cameroon chameleon, but this is my first veiled and I have a few questions. The chameleon I have is a female and I got her last friday. She has been very frightened every time I go in the room and will usually go run and hide. Is this normal for a veiled? The other chameleons I have or had did not do this after the first couple of days, but would just watch me as I entered the room and even if I stuck my head up close to them, even handling them, which I rarely do, just because of their nature. But this chameleon seems to be scared to death, is there something I am doing wrong, when I have had to move her from different cages she would run down to the bottome of her plant and I could not hold her and had to move her by taking the whole plant out and moving her with the plant. Again, is this normal or is there a way to break her of her habit, or is it too early and is she just scared still? She is about 6 inches in length and I am not sure of her age, but I would think she is at least an adolescent? Any advice would greatly be appreciated!
Every Cham I have acts a different way, its one of the cool things about them. Some are shy and some seem like they want to kick my ass; if it is young it is still in the run away of get eat'n mode... Plus when you get a new cham they are a little shy from the get go, new cage, plant, person, ect... I keep mine in a room that I go into everyday many times a day so they see me and dont freek out when a person is in the room... I dont however stick my head inside the cage every day checking them out; which they would not like... Give her some time and space and she will come around... Just like a typical woman ;) :D
Make sure her enclosure is set up in such a way that she can be taller than your head at the high end.
Height = safety in the cham sensibility.

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