I had a dream...


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That I found a baby cham in my male veiled's cage. Then another, and another, and so on. Turns out he was actually a she, and had laid eggs in the plants so I never knew until they hatched and came out. Then I was scrambling to find something to keep the babies in while also making sure she was ok from laying the eggs (yeah time lapse didnt add up in the dream)... and I woke up :(
I would have liked to see where my dream would take me...

Oh yeah, they were panther babies too lol my male veiled laid panthers :rolleyes:


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The other day I had a dream that my neighbors had macaws and there care and set up was all wrong then they turned into a pair of veileds and I had to take care of them 0_o ..... I've had so many dreams...weird dreams involving chams lol

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I had a really strange dream the other night too. I was offering Tommy a rather large dubia (he never eats anything other than locusts, silkworms and waxworms), and just as he was about to shoot his tongue it turned into a baby bearded dragon and he ate it tail first!


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Ha ha the other morning I woke up saying "that's my beautiful pink panther, you are such a pretty boy!" I don't even have a panther. I really want an Ankaramy, but for now I have two baby veils. I guess the pink panther is the cham of my dreams.


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Had another one! It was sad.
I was at this outdoor reptile show and I found a snake in one of the cages that had somehow ripped off his lower jaw. I told one of the staff to kill it with a rock, it was too late to go to a vet. Then this lady was yelling at him to just cut it's head off because there was no time to smash it, and I was mad because the snake would still suffer that way, but she wouldn't listen.
Then, I walked around and saw veileds. They were all set up the way pet shops have them, they were all dehydrated with no drippers, and I saw like 20 dead baby veileds. Turns out, the person in charge was the same lady yelling about the snake. I knew there was nothing I could say to her because she was such a stubborn b****....
Like I said, sad :( I woke up really pissed off.


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Aunt kinyongia, lol.

I had a dream two nights ago, I can't remember for the life of me the "plot" up until the end, there was something to do with chams in there somewhere (has been alot the last few months, since all I've been doing is reading these forums non-stop) but anyways, in the end of the dream I see at the end of a post either a signature with a real name, or else a link to another site with a real name on it, I forget which came first, but somehow it came down that kinyongia was actually my aunt. ??? It was very strange. Lol. But there ya go, how much does that creep you out, you have strangers dreaming about you... Hahhahahaha...!!
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