i dont know its wierd


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ok my vieled is eating and i have noticed shes getting quite the tummy onthe ventral side of her, but the sides are still very thin and you can see ribs through her skin,.... it looks sooo malnurished, but ive been feeding it gut loaded crickets sprinkled in vitamin powder she has a 15" reptisun 5.0 lamp, and a 150 w basking bulb. temp so 70 during day and mid 60s at night with high humidity usually around 80-90% what should i do????
Your temps are too low for a veiled chameleon. During the day your basking area should be around 95F+ and the low temp within your gradient should be around 80F. A 10F drop at night is preferable. Your cham will not be able to properly digest its food without the correct temps. Do you have any pictures? You might want to start looking for a veterinarian who has experience with chameleons.
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