I didn't think Bonsai could get better

But he did. Bonsai's blues are out of this world lately. And his bars are turning red. I am so in love with this guy:D


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He's such a beauty, and the outdoor sun makes their colors so much nicer. He's fantastic!
Thanks so much, everyone:D

I'd hit that.

Erg. Umm... Ah... I mean.. nice cham :)

Lol. Thanks:)

Neither did I!! But you are right! Outrageous colors!

Aww, thanks, Carol, you always have nice things to say:)

Japanese red maples are gorgeous trees.

My favorite tree. I have 2 of them in my yard and I wish I had more.

I seriously might have to paint that first one, for real, I'm still trippin'

You should paint it, I would love to see the finished product.

where in the world did you get that beast? he's amazing!

I got him From Chuck G. I have bred him with a Chuck G female from a different bloodline, and I can't wait for his babies to hatch.
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