I am SO happy!


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Look what I did for the first time!

No gloves either. I didn't even have to bribe him with food.

He crawled out of the cage and kinda balanced along the edge of the door, so I was scared he'd fall.


I lifted him up and here we are :D


Also a video.. I was so excited lol

very cool, thanks for sharing!

You're welcome :D

Nicely done - that's the best feeling in the world, isn't it? :D

I know! I love feeling my little baby's feet for the first time. They were so.. clampy. Lol. And his belly is pretty soft. I like the way his tail grips everything! :p

:D don't ya love it !! I remember how it was the first time I held Olive :D

Olive is such a sweetie, say hi to her and her love for snails (correct?) for me :p

Sweet! Didn't look stressed at all! (Neither did the chameleon! :D:p)

Oh shoulda seen him! Polka dots all over, but once I picked him up he was fine
I don't wanna spam you guys with a whole new thread, so I will just BUMP the thread and show you another picture of today!

I held Mo again! I am so proud of my little buddy! Came out all by himself :D


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Hahaha! And another update!

Twice today! Big victory :D


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