i am looking for a cheep cricket food


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I found the best way to keep the smell down is by good maintenance. pull all the dead ones right away, and keep their bin clean at all times... don't know about anyone else.


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Good ventilation is key when keeping crickets. without it the small will build up and kill the crickets which in turn kills more. I use repashy bug burger to feed them but a variety of fresh greens and fruits that are safe are good to feed.


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i don't mind making it any ideas?

Make use of trimmings, scraps of human foods you prepare such as leafy salad greens, fresh fruit and veggie trimmings (not spinach or broccoli...they bind up calcium), plus fortified cereal grains. Some ingredients you may end up buying specifically (bee pollen or spirulina) to balance the nutrients over time. Sure there are great commercial gutloads offered by forums sponsors and the advantage is convenience, standardized recipes, and producing mixes in a form that keeps longer (shelf life).
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