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Hi all.

Rango is always well hydrated. I never see him drinl thought. Once every month or so. His tanks humididy is always ok and he is well misted. So I know he is ok.

I was just wondering if any one else had tried the below

I have recently started feeding him size 6 aduld locast (massive ones) he eats 2 a day sometimes with a snack of cricket or wax worm inbetween. Every week or so I have been drenching one of the locast so its really wet and he eats it and foesny mind. I just think its a really easy way for him to intake that extra bit of water.

Does anyone elso do/ tried this?


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Gutloading really well with fresh veg will add water content to feeders for them. Silkworms have quite a high water content. I have never spryer feeders with water though.


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go easy on grapes - high in sugar
there are healthier choices for gutloading

Rango probably drinks when you are not looking. If the urate is white rather than yellowish or orange, he's getting enough to drink.
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