Hydrating worms?


Hello is there such a thing as a worm to help hydrate my little male veiled chameleon?

He is 5 months old and he is showing slight signs of dehydration. I mist him 3 times a day so I am making the sessions longer to help but I was wondering if there is anything I can feed him to help that is available in the uk.

I have just got my 1st lot of bug burger and I am going to start using that today with the crickets I am going to buy. He has just started to eat worms. I am currently feeding him calci/phoenix worms which he enjoys and I am going to order him some silk worms.

Thank you. :)
Thank you. He is looking better today as I have been doing longer misting and I have seen him drinking. I will look into those worms though. Thank you again.
increase length of misting, AND provide a dripper. I personally believe drippers are a far better way to provide water than just misting.

silkworms are a good choice, as you can easily gutload those on a many good things.
Hornworms (ones that have not been eating tomatoe leaves) also provide lots of water.

make sure you are gutloading your other prey with vegetables and fruits - hydrated prey helps hydrate the cham!
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