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I was wondering if it is possible for there to be a panther and Jackson cross breed. My female Jackson has panther marks like she has the line going from the shoulder to right before the start of the tail she also has the bars. I just want to know if this is normal or not for a female Jackson.
The cross is impossible, sorry to shatter your dreams =P
As amazing as that would be, it will likely never happen. I commented on a post just yesterday posing a similar question, "Can a veiled and panther be cross?" Still the answer is no. It is like crossing a human with an ape, just doesn't work that way.
You would have to genetically adapt them. Like to breed certain colors a lot to get that pure color like a pure nosy faly. Red white and blue.
Not likely, (i don't know their exact ancestry) evolutionarily they are very far apart. At some point millions of years ago they evolved from a common ancestor but geographic and genetic barriers have made that a very rare chance. Panthers are egg layers and Jackson's give live birth. What you have is a cool and unique animal, which why we love these animals so much!!
So is she just different from everyone else.:D:D:D:D I had no idea that it was impossible to cross breed species I actually thought that it was possible but I guess not :D
how about a pygson? pygmy parson? lol. there was one guy who claims to have breed a veiled and a graceful, he has a thread on here. pretty cool looking. out of the whole clutch only 1 survived.
Well if they are in the same scientific family I believe a hybrid may be possible so a carpet/panther/jeweled chameleon, triple the furcifer!!!
chameleonowner32:Could you post pics??

This is a pic of her. Her name is Claire. :D:D They are not the best pics of her.


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