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Hi, would some one please be able to check my husbandry. I have done a lot of research but I am knew so I might have missed some things.
My Cham: male Veiled Chameleon, he is almost 3 months and i have had him for 2 weeks.
Handling: never
Feeding: I feed about 10-12 small dubias everyday and occasionally some small crickets, gut loaded with mostly collard greens and carrots
Supplements: repticalcium without D3 everyday and Reptivite with D3 twice a month. My vet also gave me a probiotic to give him, is this good? i have been able to find any thing about it
Watering: I have a misting system that goes off for 120 sec an hour before lights come on and an hour before they go off. I also have a dripper if he need more water
Fecal Description: Dry Dark brown and white urate. Noticed a clear liquid around his urate
Cage Info
Cage type: XL Reptibreeze 2x2x4 screen
Lighting: I have a 100 watt heat bulb, T5HO reptisun 5.0 22', and a plant grow light lights on from 8am - 8pm
Temperature: basking temp is 80-85 (the branch slants upward a little), ambient is 71 and it doesn't go below 65 at night
Humidity: throughout the day is about 40, in the thick parts of the plants it stays about 50 and at night i can get it to 65 working on getting it higher
Plants: i have two pathos and one money tree, i feel like i am having trouble filling up the cage with just live plants so I would love suggestions or ideas (side note i think my pathos are dying bc i put rocks over the soil so he did not eat the dirt and the dirt is having trouble drying out, i will replace them if needed)
Placement: next to my desk (im working from home alot so i sit near the cage), there is a ceiling fan, he doesn't seem to mind it but please let me know if this is an issue
Location: Texas


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All looks good except I agree that you need many more plants, branches and vines. Odd that your pothos is dying. They are usually very hardy. Do they have drainage holes in the bottom of their pots? If not, that is the problem. I make sure each pot has at least 2-3 drainage holes and then put some small pebbles on the bottom for added drainage. For ease of hanging plants and branches, I love Dragon Ledges.


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You’re doing great setting up your UVB, heat, and humidity gradients

Like has already been mentioned, more branches and more plants to give your cham places to hide away. The dragon ledges can allow you to create lots of branching and secure plant holders.

also for diet and gutloading, add as much variety as possible to both the different bugs you feed and to the gutload you feed your bugs.


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Thank you all for your advice! I am getting some more plants and I have added some more branches. I also ordered some silkworms and bee pollen and i want to try feeding super worms (i think he is big enough now!)
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