Hurt Tongue?


So yesterday my Jackson Chameleon was eating like normal until I saw him having trouble swallowing. It was only a small mealworm. He has eaten some much bigger no problem.

A few seconds later he started sticking his tongue out all the way and holding it there for a second or two. He did this a few times. Turned a little black for a few seconds but then reverted back to his normal green color. I'm guessing his food was still alive and squirming in his throat when swallowed it because I remember watching him not chew his food that time.

This morning while eating, he couldn't get his tongue to go very far. It would go out about 3 inches, and then half of his tongue would just fall straight down. This happened twice, and he then decided to move up to his food where he was within' 3ish inches. To where he literally cannot miss. He might as well just bite his food. However, because of this, I'm worried he may have hurt his tongue, and now won't be able to catch his crickets.
Odds are its a pulled or injured tongue. You will have to baby him for at least a month. Mine took 3 months to get his aim back after a bad sprang (pulled himself across the tank by his tongue cuz he didnt want to let the silk worm go).
A pulled muscle? Well, it could be worse, but that is a very bad spot for it to happen.

I saw some tweezer like object at the Petco here that hold crickets for "hand feeding" your reptile I guess. Think I should get those?
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